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A quick intro to Workstream, the hub for your organization's analytical work

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Workstream is the hub for your team's analytical work, where you can organize and manage your data products, and empower stakeholders with data knowledge. It is the single place to find, contextualize, and collaborate on your data.

With the emergence of the modern data stack, data teams are more empowered and strategically valuable than ever. But the day to day requirements of supporting the business - whether that's getting new users up to speed, or answering questions as changes occur - still undermine their true potential.

Data end users, meanwhile, lack the sufficient context to make effective data-driven decisions. Worse, they may not even know what data is available to them, or where to find a particular piece of information across the disparate system your organization uses.

Workstream is uniquely positioned to address both of these issues, as it is directly integrated with the best-in-breed analytics and workflow tools that your organization already uses. Workstream gives you a single place to organize and curate data assets across systems, allows you to collaborate directly on top of reports and dashboards, and curate invaluable context directly in line with your live data.

We have a long list of integrations that bring our experience into your existing workflows. This includes everything from your business intelligence tool, one-off data assets like Sheets or Docs, dbt Cloud, your agile project management solution, as well as Slack. See a full list of our supported integrations here.

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Interested in learning more? We highly recommend reading this intro to our Knowledge Repository.

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