Setting up your account in Workstream takes only a few minutes and a handful of clicks. Feel free to follow the written instructions, or alternatively you can follow along using this video walkthrough.

Step 1: Sign Up

To create your account, simply click through the link in the email invitation you received or navigate to Click "Get Started."

Step 2: Choose your Authentication Provider

Next you will be prompted to choose your authentication provider. After selecting either Google or Microsoft, you will be redirected to enter your credentials.

Step 3: Verify your Details

Upon logging in, you will return to Workstream. Please verify your personal details, including your name, email and department.

This ensures that we send your notifications to the right place, and helps us best deliver our services to you.

Step 4: Install the Workstream Concierge via the Chrome Web store (optional)

You will be instructed to install the Workstream Concierge, which brings our experience directly into the UI of the analytics tools that you already use. A new tab will open to our listing in the Chrome Web Store. Simply click "Add to Chrome" and return to the previous tab to finish setting up your account.

Please note: for the best experience with Workstream, we recommend downloading the Concierge, which extends our functionality into your native analytics tools. However, it is not required to get started. Simply click the Install link, and then dismiss the Chrome web store page to continue.

Next steps: Begin exploring or curating your workspace! 🎉 🎉

Now that you have installed the Concierge, you will be prompted to navigate to your workspace. Congrats, you have successfully set up your account!

If you are joining a workspace that already exists: Read more on how to navigate your Knowledge Repository, as well as access critical information via the Workstream Concierge.

If you are setting up a new workspace: We recommend getting started by adding some assets to your knowledge repository.

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