Every user has access to our Concierge, a Chrome extension that brings our experience—including important context and collaborative functionality—inside the native UI of your existing analytics tools.

The Concierge works in tandem with the Knowledge Repository in our web app. While the Knowledge Repository serves as a single place for team members to access and manage content across analytics tools, the Concierge ensures that your team has access to our functionality wherever they already work. This means that users can both have a centralized place to discover assets quickly, and see curated content when using their native analytical tools. See more about the use cases for each here.

Installing and Setting up the Concierge

During installation, you will be directed to the Chrome Web Store to install the Concierge. Here are a few tips:

  • If for some reason you ever need to (re) install, you can do so via our webstore listing.

  • After installing, you should see the Workstream icon the next time you visit a supported asset type.

  • If the icon is grey, it means you need to login. Please see this article for troubleshooting Concierge issues.

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