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Quick start: Add assets to your Knowledge Repository
Quick start: Add assets to your Knowledge Repository

Import or manually add assets to your workspace from all of your analytics tools.

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The first step in getting your Knowledge Repository set up is adding your assets to it. We support importers for some of the more popular business intelligence solutions, and you can easily add one-off assets at any point in time.

Recommended first step: Install the Concierge to automatically add assets to your workspace

We know that it can take some time to get set up with any new software platform, but luckily our Chrome extension can handle some of the heavy lifting for you. Download the Concierge to automatically add any assets you view in your native tools to your workspace. All you have to do is go about your typical workflow, and the Concierge will add your assets in the background.

Learn more about this feature and how to set it up here.

Recommended next step: Connect your business intelligence tool

To start, we highly recommend that you connect your business intelligence tool to Workstream. This allows us to automatically import all of your existing assets, as well as detect and sync in new assets each night.

We currently support connectors for the below providers. Please follow the linked articles to get your connection properly configured in less than five minutes.

If you would like to try adding individual assets before you commit to connecting your business intelligence tool, follow the steps for manually adding assets below. Your knowledge repository can contain a mix of imported, one-off, and auto-added assets.

Note: want to us to build a connector to another analytics tool? Please reach out, we typically can deliver them within a few weeks.

At any time: Manually add additional assets

For any asset type where we do not have connectors, you can easily add assets at any time. We support this either via either our web application (, or via the Concierge.

In the web app, locate the "+ Add New" button at the top of the page in the knowledge repository. Select "Add data asset" from the dropdown.

You will be prompted to enter a name for the asset, as well as the asset URL. The asset's native application will be automatically identified based on the URL. Click "Add asset" to finish adding it to your knowledge repository.

With the Concierge, any time you are viewing an asset in a system Workstream supports, you will receive a prompt to add it to Workstream. Select "Yes" if you would like to add it. Make sure it has the correct name, and click "Add asset." It will appear in Workstream immediately, as well as enabling all Workstream functionality in the Concierge.

Video showing a user adding a Google Sheet to Workstream using the Concierge

Note: if you have auto-add turned on for the Workstream Concierge, you will not see the prompt to add an asset, because asset has already been added automatically.

We currently support the asset types listed in this help center article.

Next steps

Learn how to invite other members of your analytics team to help with curating your workspace.

Note: do you have another asset type that you want to be able to add? Please reach out, we typically can deliver new supported asset types within a few weeks.

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