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Setting up my workspace
Quick start: Invite other members of your analytics team
Quick start: Invite other members of your analytics team

Add others so they can help set up your workspace, and to test our collaboration functionality

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Once you have added your initial assets, you should invite other members of your analytics team to join your workspace. These folks can help you with curating your workspace and getting it ready to roll-out to end users.

To invite other users simply:

  • Click on your workspace name in the upper left hand side of your workspace

  • Navigate to "members"

  • Click "invite new members"

  • Input the new member's email address and select owner permissions

  • Click invite

All invited users should then receive an invitation email to join your workspace, and they will be granted owner permissions. The owner permission allows users to add new assets, curate documentation and frequently asked questions, and build collections. For more information about Workstream roles and permissions, please see this article.

Next steps

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