One of the benefits of Workstream is that you can curate documentation directly in line and in context of your team's live data assets. Documentation that might exist in one-off Google Docs or intranet pages is instead easily consumable and maintainable.

We strongly recommend that you curate documentation (and if applicable, FAQs) for all of your certified assets.

How do I curate documentation?

Owners and editors can curate documentation anywhere you interact with an asset — either when viewing it in our knowledge repository, or natively using the Workstream Concierge. Simply click into the Content Overview and input your content.

When viewing the asset in the knowledge repository, the content overview appears below the embedded asset.

The Concierge contains a menu item for the content overview, once you expand it.

Content overviews will update everywhere, regardless of where they were entered or edited.

How do I collaborate with other members of my analytics team?

When building out documentation for your workspace, we highly recommend adding other members of your team to help you. This reduces the burden on any one individual, and brings more perspectives to your assets. Anyone with an owner or editor role in Workstream is able to edit content overviews.

To make collaboration easier, content overviews support real-time collaboration between different members of the team. So don't worry about accidentally working on a set of documentation at the same time as someone else—the system is actually designed to work well in exactly that situation.

How do I add an FAQ?

One of the challenges in maintaining analytical assets is handling the volume of repetitive questions that come up. This is both a waste of time for the analytics team, and a lost opportunity for the organization to capture tribal knowledge.

Owners and editors can make conversations public at any time:

  • Open the conversation in the right rail

  • Click the "three dot" overflow menu

  • Click "Make Public"

Public conversations are available to anyone within your workspace, no matter what role they have been assigned.

Advanced Options

In addition to text, you have some additional options to enrich the experience of consuming documentation and provide a greater depth of detail.

Both conversations and content overviews support embedded Loom videos. Just click here in the styling bar to insert your link:

Conversations (and therefore FAQs) also support annotating assets. Annotations are a great way to show others on the team exactly where to look in order to see the most important information.

Advice and next steps

Curating documentation is one of the more time consuming parts of getting your workspace set-up. We recommend that for your first pass you focus on not making perfect the enemy of the good, and focus your efforts on the most important assets for your pilot users. (No more than 10).

Once your assets are documented, you can either move on to optional steps or move right ahead with inviting your pilot stakeholders!

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