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Quick start: Roll out Workstream to pilot stakeholders
Quick start: Roll out Workstream to pilot stakeholders

Roll out your Knowledge Repository to your initial set of end users

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Now that you have certified your initial set of assets, created your first Collection, and added appropriate documentation, you are ready to rollout Workstream to your pilot stakeholder group.

Video showing a user accessing their Workstream workspace settings, then inviting a new member from the Members tab

Announcing Workstream

In announcing Workstream, you want to set appropriate context so that people understand why you are introducing it into your environment.

End users need to understand how to access information and assets in your Knowledge Repository, and how the Concierge can be used by users in their day to day workflow. To make things easy, we have written up a templated roll-out message that you can use to to communicate with stakeholders via email, Slack, etc.

Joining your workspace

There are a few ways that stakeholders can join your workspace.

  • By default, anyone with an email address matching your primary domain name can join your workspace using Google SSO.

    • They simply need to go to and follow the onboarding flow.

    • Users joining in this manner will be given member permissions.

  • You can also explicitly invite users to the application via user administration in settings, or anywhere our @mention functionality is available.

To learn more about permissions in Workstream, you can read more here.

Next steps

That is the end of our Quick Start guide! If you want to learn more about Workstream, we would recommend taking a deep dive into the different use cases for the Concierge and the web app, or learning more about how to navigate your knowledge repository.

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