Why connect to Mode?

After connecting, we will automatically import all of your existing Mode reports and sync any changes on a nightly basis. Synced assets will be accessible in our Knowledge Repository and supported natively via the Workstream Concierge.

How do I connect Mode?

If possible, we recommend using a separate service account in Mode. This helps us avoid service interruptions, and makes the connection easier to manage. Follow our walkthrough to learn how to create a service account.

If you are just trying out Workstream, feel free to use your personal Mode account as you can always switch over to a service account later. Just ensure that whichever account you are using to connect has access to any collections you want synced with Workstream.

Step 1: Generating the Mode API Token

Providing API tokens allows for secure system-to-system communication between Mode and Workstream. To generate these tokens, you will need to do the following:

  1. Login to Mode

  2. Click on the Mode icon located at the top left of the page. A navigation menu will open. Click the dropdown arrow next to the account name. Choose "My Account settings".

  3. Click on "API Tokens" under the "Community" subheading

  4. Under the "Create New Access Token" section, enter a token name. i.e workstream-api-token. Click "Create Token".

  5. Leave your Mode window open, or copy the "Token" and "Password" values into a secure, encrypted location. You will not be able to access these values again once you navigate away from the window.

  6. You will also need your organization name. Unfortunately, Mode does not list this in the workspace settings. To locate the organization name, click on the Mode icon located at the top left of the page. A navigation menu will open (this menu may already be open, depending on where you are in the app). Click the dropdown arrow next to the account name. Choose "Workspace settings".

    When the workspace settings page loads, copy the value after organizations/ in the URL. For example, if the URL is https://app.mode.com/organizations/mycompany then the organization name you enter would be mycompany.

Step 2: Creating the Connection in Workstream

Your connections are created and managed under the "Settings" menu, available by clicking on your workspace's name in the top left corner of the screen.

  1. From the Connections page, locate the Mode icon and click "Connect"

  2. Enter the "API token" and "API token password" you just created in Mode

  3. Enter the "Organization name" (from step 6 above)

  4. Select "Connect"

Once the connection is successful, Workstream will begin syncing in your Mode assets immediately, and will make them available via the Knowledge Repository and Concierge. Please allow a few minutes for this initial sync to complete.

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