Notifications allow you to keep up to date on important developments in your Workstream workspace. Whether that's a stakeholder submitting a new ticket, or seeing a roundup of your environment trends, with notifications you are always in the loop.

Delivery Methods

To configure your notifications, click on your workspace name in the left nav, and navigate to "Settings". Then select "My notifications".

You have two options for how to receive notifications, email and Slack. You can turn on one or both, but we require at least one delivery method to be active so that you can keep updated on workspace activity.

Please note: If the Slack option is grayed out like it is in the screenshot below, then you have not yet connected Slack to your Workstream account.

You can click the link to begin connecting Slack in order to enable this option. You can also connect Slack at any time by navigating to "My connected apps" from the settings page.

Types of Notifications

The list below describes the types of notifications that Workstream supports, and who receives them.



Invited to join workspace

Invited user

Environment trends

Owners and editors

Note: Environment trend notifications are supported via email only, and will send at most once a day.

Shared collection

Collection recipient

When a ticket is assigned


When a user is assigned a ticket by another user

Ticket owner (i.e. new assignee)

When an owner or editor creates a conversation from Slack

Slack creator

Note: this notification type is supported in Slack only

When a conversation is created from Slack


Note: this notification type is supported in Slack only

When a new ticket comment is added


When a user is @mentioned or added as a participant

@mentioned or added user

When a ticket status changes


Are there additional types of notifications or integrations you'd like to see? Please let us know by submitting a request through the support widget on this page, or by emailing [email protected]!

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