Welcome to Workstream! These guides are designed for consumers of data assets, rather than the core team who builds the assets. Each article covers key Workstream functionality.

As a starting point, we'll discuss the knowledge repository, which you can access by logging in at app.workstream.io.

What is the Knowledge Repository?

The knowledge repository is the hub for your organization's data assets. From Looker dashboards, to Tableau workbooks, and even to Google Sheets, all of your organization’s analytics assets and workflows can be accessed in this single location.

From the knowledge repository, you can click on any given asset to see it in more detail or start a conversation about it:

Or navigate through your team's certified assets, collections, and your "liked" assets using the left nav:

The assets you see throughout Workstream are tailored to those that are most relevant to you, and that you use the most. This should make finding and using your most valuable assets quicker and easier.

Now we recommend taking a deeper dive into Workstream's functionality with the Concierge, which bring's Workstream's functionality directly into your native analytics tools.

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