Welcome to Workstream! These guides are designed for consumers of data assets, rather than the core team who builds the assets. Each article covers key Workstream functionality.

One of the benefits of using Workstream is that your analytics team can easily establish the status of any asset you're viewing. This way you always know whether that asset is ready to use, or is potentially out of date.

Where can I view asset statuses?

Asset statuses are available to view within the knowledge repository:

When viewing the asset's details page:

As well as via the Concierge when viewing the asset natively:

Please note: if an asset has not been added to Workstream by your workspace's owners or editors, the asset will not have a status when attempting to view it through the Concierge.

What are the statuses?

Workstream supports the following statuses:

  • In Development: the asset is still being worked on and may be incomplete or not yet fully viable

  • Active: the asset is up to date and ready for use

  • Expiring: the analytics team is in the process of sunsetting the asset (either manually or automatically). In most cases it is still usable, but it will be archived soon

  • Archived: the asset is archived and no longer in use

Archived assets do not display by default within the knowledge repository, but you can always access them by navigating to the workspace name in the top left corner of the page and selecting "Archived Assets":

You can also filter for them in the grid in the knowledge repository. If you have a question about an asset's status, all you have to do is ask! Start a conversation from the asset's details page, or the Concierge, so that your analytics team can explain the status, or update it if appropriate.

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