Welcome to Workstream! These guides are designed for consumers of data assets, rather than the core team who builds the assets. Each article covers key Workstream functionality.

Have you ever looked at a dashboard or report and wondered if it came from a sanctioned source, or was just something a team member put together on the fly that might be months out of date? Certified assets are Workstream's way of addressing this challenge.

What is a Certified Asset?

Simply put, a certified asset is one that your analytics team stands behind. They have verified that the asset is up to date and contains the correct data sources, and have committed to supporting it throughout its lifecycle.

One important thing to keep in mind is that in addition to whether or not an asset is certified, every asset has a lifecycle status. For example, an asset may be certified but still listed as "in development," meaning that it may not yet be complete. When in doubt, start a conversation with your analytics team to clarify.

Where Can I See Certified Assets?

You can see all of your organization's certified assets by selecting the option from the left nav.

You can also check to see if there is a blue checkmark on the asset wherever you're interacting with it, whether that's in the asset grids:

The asset details page:

Or even when using the Concierge browser extension:

How Can I Request that an Asset Be Certified?

Users with commenter permissions in Workstream do not have the ability to certify assets themselves. However, for uncertified assets, you can click on the "Request" button to request that the asset be certified.

This automatically generates a conversation in the analytics team's queue so that they can look into the request, and follow up directly with you as necessary.

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