Welcome to Workstream! These guides are designed for consumers of data assets, rather than the core team who builds the assets. Each article covers key Workstream functionality.

This article discusses how to interact with Collections in Workstream.

What is a collection?

A collection is a consolidated library of assets that has been curated by your data team. While they are flexible in their purpose, usually they will be organized around a specific theme or job function.

For example, if you are on the marketing team, you might have a specific collection devoted to marketing spend and performance, and another one devoted to customer engagement and retention.

Collections are not mutually exclusive, so the same asset can be part of multiple collections if it meets the criteria for both.

How do I access my collections?

Collections are available from the left nav, below your conversations.

Collections can be shared publicly (available to the whole organization) or shared with you individually. Public collections display with an open lock icon:

While shared collections have the sharing icon:

Any collection you have access to will display in the left nav, regardless of how it is shared. Click on it to view the collection's assets.

How can I add an asset to a collection?

The ability to add an asset to a collection is dependent on your role in Workstream. Only owners and editors have the ability to update collections. Most stakeholders who are not on the data team will be commenters, which does not grant this access. However, if you see an asset that you think belongs in a given collection, that's a great opportunity to start a conversation. Just pull up the conversations tab when viewing an asset, and make the request.

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