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How do I use Workstream as a data team stakeholder?
The Web App vs. the Concierge (stakeholders)
The Web App vs. the Concierge (stakeholders)

Learn about the two parts of Workstream's system, and how to best leverage them as a data team stakeholder.

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Welcome to Workstream! These guides are designed for consumers of data assets, rather than the core team who builds the assets. Each article covers key Workstream functionality.

Workstream’s functionality is available in two experiences, our web app at and via our Concierge, powered by our Chrome extension. By extending our platform into your existing analytical tools, we aim to empower your team’s workflows wherever you already work.

Most users will use some combination of both interfaces, navigating seamlessly between them as they do their work. This article provides a brief summary of some of the advantages of each approach.

The Web App

The obvious advantages of the web app stem from access to your entire knowledge repository. Rather than switching between different applications, all of your data assets are in one place, and can be accessed via Collections. This is particularly valuable for teams that consume and analyze data across multiple systems—whether BI solutions, Docs and Sheets, or even operational systems like Salesforce.

Image displaying a collection of assets in Workstream

As someone who needs access to data, there is an obvious benefit in the resulting consolidation and clarity. With assets being clearly marked by their status, there is never ambiguity about which resources you should be using. Rather than having to click into a given asset within your BI tools in order for the Concierge to pull up the status, the information is readily available in the knowledge repository.

The Concierge

If the web app provides consolidation and clarity, the power of the Concierge is in flexibility and context. Layering Workstream's functionality on top of your tools provides all of the relevant statuses and insight from conversations, without needing to navigate to another page.

You may only have a few assets you care about. You may even be a power user of one or two dashboards within a single application. In this case the benefits of the Concierge comes not so much from knowing where to find assets—as it would be with the web app—but from having clarity around what that asset's data means, and the status of that data. The Concierge presents this information natively in the tool you're used to, augmenting your workflow rather than fundamentally changing it.

Video displaying a user interacting with the Workstream Concierge Chrome extension while viewing a Tableau report

At the end of the day, the web app and the Concierge are two parts of the same system. Certain functionality, such as the fact that Workstream automatically adds assets you have viewed natively to your knowledge repository, makes the combination of the two experiences greater than either would be individually. We hope that you will enjoy using both!

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