Welcome to Workstream! These guides are designed for consumers of data assets, rather than the core team who builds the assets. Each article covers key Workstream functionality.

In this article we will discuss how to bookmark assets using our "like" functionality. Liking assets gives you the ability to create a personalized list of your most valuable assets, across all the different analytics systems you use to access data.

When viewing an asset throughout the web app and with the Concierge installed, you will see a small heart accompanying the asset.

Click on the heart to like the asset. Any assets you have liked will be saved to your view in the knowledge repository. You can access them from the "Liked Assets" menu option in the left nav.

Liking assets is a huge boost to your productivity, because it collects only the assets you care about and have decided to bookmark in one place. Regardless of what analytics system they were created in, you have easy access to all of them.

There is a second benefit to liking assets, too, which is that likes indicate to the rest of your team which assets you find the most useful. Likes are aggregated and presented throughout Workstream, giving your analytics team quick insight into which assets they may want to spend their time supporting, as well as making the assets more visible for other stakeholders who may not yet know about them.

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