Connecting my PowerBI Instance

Quickly connect PowerBI to sync in all your assets, and start curating them in Workstream

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Why connect to PowerBI?

After connecting, we will automatically import all of your existing PowerBI assets and sync any changes on a nightly basis. Our syncs include all of your reports and dashboards.

Synced assets will be accessible in our Knowledge Repository and supported natively via the Workstream Concierge.

How do I connect to PowerBI?

If possible, we recommend using a separate service account in PowerBI. This helps us avoid service interruptions, and makes the connection easier to manage. Your Microsoft admin can create this account for you—just make sure that the account is assigned a PowerBI license, and that it has access to any reports and dashboards you would like to sync in.

If you are just trying out Workstream, feel free to use your personal Microsoft account as you can always switch over to a service account later. You will need an account that has access to whatever assets you are looking to sync in.

The connection to PowerBI is very straightforward, requiring only a simple authentication step. Start by navigating to your workspace settings, and accessing the Connections menu.

Select "+Connect" on the PowerBI card. You will be prompted to sign in with your Microsoft credentials.

Once you have signed in, the connection is automatically initiated, and you are all set! Workstream will begin syncing in your PowerBI assets immediately, and make them available via the Knowledge Repository and Concierge. Please allow a few minutes for this initial sync to complete.

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