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How to sync and update incidents via connections
How to sync and update incidents via connections

Learn how we sync in and update incidents via our dbt and Monte Carlo integrations.

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When you connect your Workstream instance to data observability and transformation systems, we will detect data incidents and help streamline your team's on call process.

We have a long integration roadmap in this area, and currently offer integrations with both dbt Cloud and Monte Carlo to detect and sync incidents in those systems.

Incidents created via dbt Cloud

dbt Cloud does not have a native concept of incidents, so Workstream indexes your dbt project and listens to the results of your dbt runs.

When a test fails in dbt, Workstream will create an incident and set it's status as detected. The incident will tell you which model, source and test failed and provide a link back to the run results in dbt cloud.

Workstream will automatically update the incident status to resolved when we detect a dbt run where the test is fixed. If the same test fails again in a subsequent run, a new incident will be created.

Incidents created via Monte Carlo

As an observability solution, Monte Carlo has an incident framework and so Workstream directly syncs detected Monte Carlo incidents into our system. Workstream will also sync the incident status to match the latest status in Monte Carlo. We will also provide a link back to the incident in Monte Carlo.

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