Connect Slack to alert your team of data incidents

Learn about how to alert your team of data incidents via our Slack integration

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Set your alert settings for when becomes aware of a data incident.

By default, Workstream will send you a daily email summary of trends and insights happening in your workspace.

But most data teams want to be alerted of data incidents in Slack when they happen, and so they set-up our Slack connection to send alerts into their shared Slack channels. Follow the below instructions to learn how to connect our Slack integration, and learn about it's functionality.

Connecting Slack

Please follow the below video and the below instructions. To connect Slack, you want to:

  1. Go to, and slick on your workspace avatar in the top left corner.

  2. Navigate to Settings in the dropdown.

  3. Go to Workspace -> Connections in the left nav of the settings modal.

    1. Note: do not go to MyConnectedApps, that is for managing our personal connections like our Chrome extension

  4. At Workspace -> Connections, find Slack and click Connect.

  5. Follow the auth flow to connect Slack.

    1. Note: depending on your organizations security settings, your Slack admin may need to approve.

  6. Once connected, you will return to Workspace -> Connections and see Slack as connected.

  7. Click the overflow menu on the Slack card and click "Update Settings" in the menu.

  8. Select the Slack channels that you want to send alerts to.

    1. Note: if you just connected Slack, and the list of Slack channels is blank, please refresh your browser. After refreshing, the list of channels should populate

Upon selecting your channels, you will know that the connection has been successful when you see the Workstream Concierge join the channel.

Collaborating on Incident Alerts in Slack

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