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How Does Sharing Work for Conversations?
How Does Sharing Work for Conversations?

Having the right people involved in your conversations makes them more productive and efficient.

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Just as with assets, your Workstream conversations can be shared publicly or with individual users. The general access level for conversations are essentially analogous to the settings for assets, as conversations can also be public, shared, or private. The definitions for those settings are as follows:

  • Private - a private conversation is visible only to the user who added it to your workspace (the owner of the conversation), and to users who have had it directly shared with them

  • Shared - a shared conversation is visible to all workspace owners, but is only visible to members who have had it directly shared with them

  • Public - public conversations are visible to all users within the workspace

Similarly to assets, users can be added directly to conversations that are private or shared, either via @mentioning them or by adding them as a participant through the participants menu.

Once added, they will receive notifications via their preferred communication method whenever the conversation receives new updates.

It is important to note that the general access level for a conversation may be different from the one for the asset, potentially leading to a situation where a user has access to a conversation about a particular asset, but not to the asset itself. When this occurs, the user will need to request access to the asset.

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