Why connect to Tableau?

After connecting, we will automatically import all of your existing Tableau assets and sync any changes on a nightly basis. Our sync includes not just the dashboards themselves, but also any native Tableau projects and tags (to assist with asset organization).

Synced assets will be accessible in our Knowledge Repository and supported natively via the Workstream Concierge.

How do I connect to Tableau?

If possible, we recommend using a separate "service account" in Tableau. This helps us avoid service interruptions, and makes the connection easier to manage. Follow our walkthrough to learn how to create a service account.

If you are just trying out Workstream, feel free to use your personal Tableau account as you can always switch over to a service account later. You can follow the below instructions and/or the video at the bottom of this page.

Step 1: Generating a Tableau API Token

To start the connection process, login to your Tableau instance to create an API token. Please ensure the logged in user:

  • Has a user permission of at least "Viewer"

  • Has access to all collections you want synced with Workstream

To create the API token:

  1. Click your account avatar at the top right of the page. Choose "My Account Settings"

  2. Scroll to "Personal Access Tokens"

  3. Enter a token name (i.e workstream-api-token) and click "Create new token"

  4. Copy the "Token Name" and "Token Secret" into Workstream as part of Step 2

Step 2: Input token information into Workstream

To finish making the connection, open a new tab and navigate to app.workstream.io. Please ensure that you are a workspace owner or editor, and follow the below instructions:

  1. Click on your avatar in the top left and navigate to Settings > Workspace > Connections.

  2. Click "Connect" on the Tableau card.

  3. Input the following information into the card and click "Connect"

    1. Domain name: you can copy and paste this from your Tableau session. It should follow the following conventions without any trailing syntax.

      1. Server version: https://my.tableaudomain.com

      2. Online version: https://prod-useast-b.online.tableau.com

    2. Token name: this is the token name from Step 1 above.

    3. Token secret: this is the token secret from Step 1 above.

    4. Site Name: there are multiple ways to find this:

      1. Administrators will see the available sites (in a dropdown if there is more than one) above the "Home" link in the lefthand navigation within Tableau

      2. Another way to locate this is to inspect the url. Examples:

        1. For https://prod-useast-b.online.tableau.com/#/site/mysite/recents. mysite would be the site name

        2. For tableau server, you can see a list of sites by navigating to https://<server_domain>/#/site

What happens after I connect?

As soon as you connect your Tableau instance we will begin syncing assets. After 5 minutes, please refresh your web app. Going forward:

  • All assets, tags, and projects will be synced to Workstream.

  • Our Concierge will automatically be aware of every asset in your Tableau instance

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